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Massage and Meditation

In today’s fast paced society, massage and meditation techniques are being used in greater numbers than ever before.

Massage relaxes tense muscles, helps loosen stiff joints and soothes the nervous system. Massage is used to treat stress, fatigue, back ache and insomnia. In fact, any part of the body feels better after being massaged.

Meditation helps re-balance the emotional state; it reduces stress and aids us in reflecting on what is important in our lives. During meditation, we clear our mind of worries and allow it focus. The stresses of everyday living often build up in our lives and it is important to take some “time out” and spend some time in quiet contemplation. Meditation produces beneficial chemicals known as endorphins, it helps with respiratory problems, helps normalize blood pressure and reduces emotional problems such as panic attacks.

Both massage and meditation bring immediate results and the long term benefits increase in intensity the longer you continue.

Research has shown that stress is a contributing factor in many diseases. The benefits of massage and meditation cannot be underestimated in relieving the stress and helping to prevent the onset of some of these major health issues.

At The Middle Path we seamlessly blend these two methods to produce profoundly deep relaxation and well being.

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